Updated: April 1, 2024

=== Catalog number === NEW!

  • [CAT No.] was added to the catalog list.
  • Please use it when you make an inquiry.

=== Contact Information === NEW!

  • There have been an increasing number of cases of automatic e-mails not being delivered, especially to customers using Gmeil.
  • Please contact us from FDSC's official website.
  • <<Attention>>
  • Please check your spam folder in advance.
  • <<Example of Inquiry>>
  • * An e-mail was not sent to you for this registration to sign up.
  • * Order completion email was not sent to you.
  • * The receipt email for the inquiry form was not sent to you.

=== Lead time to shipment ===

  • We ship orders paid by 12:00 pm every Wednesday to the following Monday.
  • (Japan time. It is subject to change due to Japanese holidays, etc.)

=== Shipping method ===

  • Please choose from FedEx (TNT) or DHL.
  • Currently we do not use UPS and EMS / AIR.

=== Request to Customers ===

  • Please avoid ordering during Christmas and New Year's holidays as much as possible.
  • It may take more than one month from order to delivery.

=== Price revision ===

  • No plans for a while.

=== FDSC Declaration on RMs Sales ===

  • * We do not use customer information for any purpose other than shipping products.
  • * We will maintain the confidentiality of customer information to prevent it from being leaked.
  • * We do not accept distributor contracts.
  • * We do not offer discounts to any customers.
  • * We do not prevent distributors from placing orders on behalf of end-users, but we do not accept orders intended for sales.
  • * We may contact customers to confirm that their order is not intended for sale or resale.

Membership Rules

Membership Rules

Article 1 “Membership”

1. “Member” is an organization who agrees with “these Membership Rules” and applies for membership on this website in accordance with the membership registration procedure provided by us.
2. “Membership Information” is information relates to a Member’s membership property disclosed to us by such Member himself/herself and a Member’s transaction history etc.
3. These Membership Rules apply all Members and shall be observed by Members at the time of the membership registration procedure and after the registration, as well.

Article 2 “Membership Registration”

1. Membership qualification
Once you agree to these Membership Rules and apply the prescribed registration procedure, you will be granted the membership after “Order Completed” of the prescribed registration procedure. You who are a person in charge of an organization must complete the membership registration procedure yourself. No membership application by an individual shall be permitted. We reserve the right to deny membership to users whose membership has been revoked in the past or those whom for any reason we deem unqualified for membership.

2. Entry of membership information
Please be advised to read carefully the entry guidance when registering membership information, and enter correct information in the prescribed entry form. Special symbols, old-style Chinese characters, Roman numbers, etc. cannot be used for entering member’s information. If any such character is used for entry, we will change it to another permitted character.

3. Password administration
(1)A Member’s password can be used solely by such Member, and can neither be assigned nor lend to any third party.
(2)You are responsible for taking proper steps periodically to manage your login credentials and avoid your password to be known or supposed by others.
(3)When your intention is expressed by using your password, it shall be deemed your own intention, and you shall be solely responsible for any and all expenses incurred from such expression of your intention.

Article 3 “change”

1. If there is any change of the registered membership information, including but not limited to name of an organization, name of a person in charge and address, you shall promptly inform the change to us or you shall promptly change the information by yourself.
2. We shall not be responsible for any damage incurred as a result of your failing to change your registered membership information. Please note any transaction completed before changes to your registered membership information are made will be process based on the information that you have registered previously.

Article 4 “Withdrawal from Membership”

If you wish to cancel your membership, you shall take an action of “Unsubscribe” by yourself. Once the prescribed withdrawal procedure is completed, your membership will be cancelled.

Article 5 “Termination of Membership and Indemnification”

1. When we determine that any of the following circumstances apply to you, we shall the right to terminate your membership: if (1) you provided false or incorrect information at the time of application for membership registration; (2) you did not pay for a product ordered for purchase on this website; or (3) we deem for any reason that you are unqualified for membership.

2. You shall be responsible for indemnifying us if you take any of the following actions:
(1)unauthorized use of your membership number and/or password;
(2)obstructing our business by falsification of the information through accessing our home page, or by sending a harmful computer program to our home page, etc.;
(3)infringing on the intellectual property rights of our products;
(4)otherwise, taking an act violates these Membership Rules.

Article 6, “Handling of Membership Information”

1. We will not principally disclose a Member’s membership information to any third party without obtaining such Member’s prior consent. However, we may disclose a Member’s membership information or other Customer Info without obtaining such Member’s prior consent, if:
(1)we are required to disclose such information under applicable law; or
(2)we determine that it is necessary to disclose such information to protect our rights, interests or fame, etc.

2. We manage the membership information in accordance with our “Privacy Policy.” We shall have the rights to use the membership information within our organization for the purposes of provision of our services to members, improvement of our services, promotion of use of our services, and sound and smooth operation of our services.

3. We shall have the rights to provide Members with information (including advertisements) via email newsletter or any via other methods. If you do not wish to receive such provision of information, you can inform us your intention not to receive such information in a way prescribed by us, and then we will stop sending them. Please be advised that provision of information that is necessary for management of this service cannot be stopped by the request of a Member.

Article 7 “Prohibition”

Members are prohibited from taking the following actions in their use of this service;

1. breaching applicable laws or these Membership Rules, precautions to be preserved for using this service, precautions to be preserved for purchasing a product through this service and other terms and conditions related to these Membership Rules;
2. harming the rights, interests or fame of our organization or of third parties;
3. taking actions that may adversely affect the mind and body of youth or that could violate public order and morality;
4. taking actions that cause nuisance or displeasure to other users and other third parties;
5. entering false information;
6. sending or writing harmful computer programs or emails;
7. having an unauthorized access to our server or other computers;
8. lending or assigning your password to a third party or sharing your password with a third party; or
9. otherwise taking an action that we deem inappropriate.

Article 8 “Suspension and/or Stop of Service”

1. We may suspend or stop all or a part of our services without giving prior notice in order to keep the good operating condition of service in the following cases:
(1)if it is necessary for periodic or emergent maintenance of our system;
(2)if the system load becomes overconcentrated;
(3)if it becomes difficult to operate our system due to fire, power outage, or obstructive behavior by a third party; or
(4)otherwise if we determine that it is necessary to suspend or stop our system for an inevitable reason.

Article 9 “Change and/or Discontinuance of Service”

We may make changes or discontinue all or a part of our services in our sole discretion without prior notice.

Article 10 “Disclaimer”

1. We shall not be under liability to Members on damage caused by any suspension, delay or stop of our system due to the failure of a communication line or a computer, loss of data, or fraudulent access to the data, or other damage caused to Members in connection with our services.
2. We cannot not warrant that no computer virus or other harmful materials are contained in the e-mails and/or contents sent from our webpage, server and/or domain, etc.
3. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to a Member due to such Member’s contravention of these Rules.

Article 11 “Amending these Rules”

We can revise these Rules, or add supplemental rules (hereinafter “Supplemental Rules”) at any time at our discretion. Amendment of these Rules and/or addition of Supplemental Rules shall become effective at the time when such amendment or addition is posted on our prescribed website. Members shall automatically abide by such revised Rule or added Supplemental Rules.

Article 12 “Governing Law and Jurisdiction”

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Rules shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of our organization.